Chess & Rubik’s Cube

I’ve always been the type to get completely absorbed in my interests; once something catches my eye, I’m all in. Chess is a perfect example. I picked it up in kindergarten and, despite taking a break when I couldn’t find anyone else as interested, I rediscovered my passion for it at the end of Primary 5.

Since then, I haven’t looked back. I even earned a FIDE rating of above 1,000 within just three months!

I also created a few chess podcasts during the school holidays, with self-taught scripting and video-editing skills.

Chess Competitions

  • *Achieved FIDE Rating of 1404 within three months
  • 2024 75th National Schools Chess Individual – Top 70th percentile
  • 2023 Singapore Chess Federation – Christmas Rapid Tournament
  • 2023 National Age Group Chess Championship

Outside of chess, I have a variety of other interests that keep me busy, including gaming, game hacking, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and exploring the intriguing world of cryptography. Each of these pursuits fuels my curiosity and excitement for learning new things.